Best Virtual Company Holiday Party Idea!

October 11, 2020

Need a fun and unique idea for your Company Virtual Holiday Party?!

A LIVE and 100% INTERACTIVE experience for your virtual holiday party with our “Virtual Magic & Illusion Show”! A great activity to celebrate the holidays with your organization online for during these times.

We’ve been able to perform already for virtual company events throughout the world and been working out amazing. We even do the magic we did on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”! It’s the magic we performed at virtual events for Jimmy Fallon, Howie Mandel, Drew Barrymore, Andy Cohen, and over 130 companies across the world!

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During the show we perform some BIG illusions with my female assistant. We set up several camera angles to give you a behind the scenes view of the magic…something you don’t get when seeing a show live in person (just something to make this experience unique!).

We will read the minds of some of your employees through the screen! That’s the fun and unique part!

We will also teach your employees how to do some cool and fun tricks! That makes it very interactive and great for a fun virtual company holiday party for your team (Virtual Christmas Party, Virtual Hanukkah Party, etc)! The show is streamed live on ZOOM (or can discuss a program of your choice). We have done shows for an intimate 5 guests and up to 10,000 guests…virtually everyone gets a front row seat for this experience!

For MORE INFO about the Holiday Party Virtual Company Show, CLICK HERE!

For any questions or to book a virtual magic event, please call or text 516-660-3011 or email
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