…this is definitely NOT your typical magic show!

Eric Wilzig camp illusion show 1

What makes this show so popular with camps? Simply put, it’s totally DIFFERENT than anything else out there! In fact, The Extreme Magic of Eric is the LARGEST touring illusion show in the camp industry today! And by combining big cutting-edge illusions, mind-blowing escapes, outrageous stunts, cool music, special effects, customized lighting, audience participation, and other visual surprises, your campers and staff enjoy a major theater-style experience at YOUR camp!

ireneIs the show appropriate for all age groups? Definitely! The Extreme Magic of Eric gears everyshow to the age group of the audience. The style, the presentation, the illusions are different with older campers than with younger ones. That’s why many camps request two or more shows on the same day, separating campers by ages, gender, schedules, or other reasons. Of course if you want one large show for your entire camp, you can be sure it will be appropriate for everyone! From the youngest campers to the oldest teens and counselors, we guarantee they’ll witness things they never imagined and bring this memory back home to tell everyone what an incredible show they saw at your camp.

joeHow much space does the show need? While the show is BIG, The Extreme Magic Of Eric can adapt to fit any space, any venue: stage, gym floors, social halls, multi-purpose rooms, even outdoors. And we supply everything needed, including backdrops and a complete sound system! Just point the way to the performance area and we handle the rest! (Oh, we ask that you provide the audience :)


Sounds amazing, but what about the price? Keeping costs down is what we strive for, knowing that camp budgets are often limited. So we plan with our heads, making sure we cut corners in our travels but NEVER with our show! The result is an extraordinarily incredible, fun, entertaining, edge-of-your-seat experience at a very reasonable price. What’s more, we deeply discount multiple shows on the same day at the same venue, making The Extreme Magic Of Eric a can’t-miss event for your camp. (References and recommendations from hundreds of satisfied camp directors are available upon request.)


The Extreme Magic Of Eric has been seen all over the world and on NBC’s hit TV show AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Now Eric and his team are ready for Summer Camp Tour 2019! Whether you have a special event at a day camp, night activity for a sleepaway, colorwar break-out, visiting day, or any other summer camp function, treat your campers to “something very special.” Contact us now to book The Extreme Magic Of Eric before open dates disappear!

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Camp Magic Show Amazing Reactions Eric Wilzig

Past performances at CAMPS include:

KenMont and KenWood Camps • Maplewood Day Camp • Camp Chipinaw • Camp Wah-Nee • Camp Lokanda • Camp Lavi • Camp Watitoh • Morristown-Beard Day Camp • Camp Romimu • Kids After Hours Summer Camp • JCC of Greater Washington • Baldwin Summer Program • Willow Woods Day Camp • Camp Nabby • Camp Nesher • Camp Nah-Jee-Wah • Ivy League Day Camp • Hillel Day Camp • Willow Lake Day Camp • Neil Klatskin Day Camp • Camp Gila • Town of Ramapo Camps • Camp Naaleh • World Sports Camp • Harbor Haven Day Camp • Camp Scatico • Long Ridge Camp • Camp Taconic • Brookhaven Day Camp • Camps ‘R’ Us • Camp Samcheinu • Camp Ramaquois • Camp Awosting • Round Lake Camp • Camp Yachad • Camp Kinder Ring • Camp Sternberg • Camp Simcha Special • Deerkill Day Camp • Blue Dolphin Summer Camp • JCC of Staten Island • Camp Apollo • Camp Lakota • Camp Dina • Camp Riverbend • Camp Pennbrook • Frogbridge Day Camp • and MANY more!